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The main Ceramic Coating line we carry is from IGL. They have an amazing ceramic coating to protect virtually every aspect of your life. They offer 6 mo, 1 yr, 2 year and 5 year coatings for your car, truck, motorcycle or RV's and boats. Ceramic coatings produce a deep shine and help protect the paint from damage including wash-induced scratches, uv damage, oxidation, tree sap, watermarks and etching, salt air, acids and even permanent ink and paints. The strong water-repellent properties promote self-cleaning effects.

 When coating, we first detail and correct your paint to remove all possible defects such as swirl and scratches. We then coat from 2-3+ coats of ceramic coatings for the desired service. Coating times vary but usually we will need a minimum of 2 full days.

For your boat, they offer marine coatings to coat your vessel from top to water line including your metal and glass. The length of time it will protect will vary with if your use your boat year round, if you travel with it or if it is just used seasonally. One of the greatest benefits of all is avoiding having to put the coats of wax on a few times a year or needing to call us twice a year!

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