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Professional Marine Detailing

Marine detailing is where we got our start.

We pride ourselves on keeping our crew trained the latest technology with the best products we can find. Whether your vessel is 15' or 115', we can help you protect your investment.

If you are not sure if you are ready to hire help, give us a call. We can tell you how we can help and if now is not the right time, we are happy to suggest products and give pointers so that when you are ready, your boat comes to us in the best shape possible.

Some of the services we offer include :

Gel Coat / Paint Correction                                 Compound / Wax

Metal Polish/Wax/Coat                                                              Engine room detail

Interior Cleaning                        Washes-daily, weekly, bi-weekly and on call

Ceramic Coatings

         We can ceramic coat a majority of your vessel from the water line up, including your Metal pipework, Outriggers, Hull, Topside, and any other painted or metal surfaces. On the inside, we can coat many countertops as well as the leather sofa. There is even an industrial coating we can coat your engine room with.  Ceramic just makes owning a boat easier...

  Many boats run into problems with white streaks (oxidation) from their             hard top running down the curtains or windows on the boat, ceramic can solve that. 

       *Transoms/Sterns are another place ceramic coatings shine. Imagine not           having to fight the cycle of waxing, fishing, using chemicals to remove soot and  the wax in the process, then re-waxing...

Ask us about our Transom special, its a great way to see what ceramic can do for your vessel!

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